Last week at my son’s football game I was talking to a woman I hadn’t seen in 15 years.  Her oldest daughter was a cheerleader.  She didn’t look a day older than when I last saw her – and I bet she was a whopping size 2! For the next 20 minutes she shared with me how she now had 3 children – they all excelled in academics and athletics.  Her husband was CEO of some wildly successful company in the tech industry.  And she also managed to squeeze into the conversation that they’d recently built a house with a pool, personal gym, theater and 6 bathrooms!  And about 8 times she said, “We are so blessed.”

Well guess what?  I am too.  I am blessed with kids that make bad choices and screw up.  I’m blessed with an amazing husband who has faced health challenges in the last year most people wouldn’t survive.  I’m blessed with an extra 20 pounds around my middle, graying hair and knees that hurt daily.  Oh yeah, and I’m blessed cause I only have 2 bathrooms to clean! 😊

Our blessings don’t come from what we have or when life’s perfect.  Our greatest blessings come from the messes.  It’s my painful, ugly, experiences-I-would-have-preferred-to-avoid that I’ve gotten the biggest blessings from…..and the greatest lessons on happiness.

So whatever your life looks like today – count your blessings!

To Your Happiness,