This month celebrates the two things I’m most passionate about: WOMEN (March 8 – International Women’s Day) and HAPPINESS (March 20 – International Happiness Day). A match made in heaven.

Women’s Happiness is my great passion. Many of you know that I’m working on a book right now about women’s happiness. After stumbling across a report that has been tracking happiness since 1974, I discovered that women were happier in 1974 than they are today. That’s what I’m writing about: why we’re not happier and how to fix it!

I think this photo goes a long way in showing part of the solution! I imagine these are both powerful little girls as they’ve got a momma that’s encouraging them to be who they are. Hats off to you Momma!

But the one I want to watch grow up is Batgirl! I don’t know that I, at the age of 56, would have the courage to show up to a Frozen premiere dressed as Batgirl. I love her courage and her bravery. I LOVE THAT SHE IS BEING TRUE TO HERSELF!

Batgirl didn’t have a superpower. Batgirl trained herself to have ‘great speed, flexibility and strength.’ She. Trained. Herself. She didn’t get trained by Batman. She did it her way – SHE WAS TRUE TO HERSELF and what SHE NEEDED TO SUCCEED!

So today, go find your inner Batgirl. Be TRUE TO YOU and FIND YOUR INNER HAPPINESS!