I am on a mission to make this world a happier place. I am on a mission is to help individuals, regardless of circumstance, to become happier by being engaged, positive, focused, connected and grateful. I am on a mission to help companies, regardless of size or industry, embrace the habits of happiness so their people can experience greater wellbeing, fulfillment. achievement and

This is a very personal mission born of a very painful past.  An experience that rocked me to my core, gutted me emotionally and left me starting over spiritually. It was in this black hole of despair that I heard the whisperings of happiness calling to my soul.

Through this, I learned that the road back to happiness is based on a simple practice, which, when done routinely, has been scientifically documented to improve our wellbeing, help us thrive through adversity, be more productive, and even get healthier.

The One Minute Happiness Habit™ is the crux of my work. It’s a distillation of the curr-ent research and my personal life experiences, along with a little ancient wisdom for good measure. It takes all the data and makes it real. It’s a practical one-minute practice that anyone can do, on any given day, at any given moment to shift their perspective, reduce their stress, and help them soar in all areas of their life.

I believe happiness is available to all of us – not a chosen few. You don’t have to be born under a shining star, come from a distinguished family lineage or have a certain amount of wealth to be happy. I don’t think happiness is reserved for people of a certain race, gender, religion, age, or locale. I believe we can all be happy. We get to decide for ourselves!

I believe happiness is not something that can be granted to us by another. I don’t believe happiness is a destination you reach and can cross off your list. Being happy does not mean you’ll never struggle or feel sadness again. I believe happiness is an inside job and is found in our day-to-day lives, with ordinary people, just like you and me!

I believe in today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, happiness is not something that’s nice to have for yourself or your company, I believe it’s the competitive edge that will make your work more meaningful and your company stand out. I believe intentionally focusing on happiness leads to greater personal fulfillment and teams that outperform the competrtion.

I believe happiness isn’t a mystery or esoteric, but instead are simple habits that we can learn and practice daily. And I believe, when happiness becomes a habit, we’ll be living as the best version of ourselves and helping those around us to do the same.

It is my mission and my life’s work to help people learn the habits of happiness. If I can help you or your organization to become happier, please reach out to me. I would love to help you find your HAPPY!




“I’m on a mission! A mission to teach people how to be happy! It’s the heart and soul of my message. Everyone wants to be happy right? So why is happiness such an elusive goal? I want to share with you how you can bring happiness into every facet of your life from home and family to your personal wellness and even to the workplace.”