“Kim’s style was down to earth and she has a great way of engaging her audience.  She left us all with the knowledge and tools to help us live a more fulfilling life.”
Dorothy Button Sr. Benefits Manager, Walmart

”The message Kim gave today was on the spot.  It was direct.  It was motivational.  It was exactly what our membership needed to hear.”  Ron Stinchcomb, Century 21

“Kim’s session was earth shattering for me.  It was spectacular.  It was so organized.  It made everyone get out of their box.  We had to go, “Oh wow!  I hadn’t thought about it like that!”  She speaks from the heart and experience and wisdom.  If you have a chance to go to one of her sessions.  Do it.  Do it fast!”
Sandy Tabio, Creative Resources

“Kim delivered on every front.  Feedback from the audience members was extremely positive.  Many commented Kim was the best they had ever heard!”  -Mary Dandurand, Executive Director, Arkansas Society of Association Executives

“Kim’s message was positive, personal and lasting.  Participants were given skills to take into the business world and their personal lives.  What a treat!”  –Rebecca Palumbo,  Partner, Everything Entrepreneur Conference

“Kim came into the room and completely shifted the energy.  She was fun, uplifting, inspiring and energetic.  I would recommend Kim to open or close any event as her enthusiasm and excitement will add energy to the day or close it on a high note!”  –Christine Zini, Executive Director, ASPIRE

We chose to have Kim kick off the first day of the event and be the first speaker.  Her energy and inspiration set the tone for the entire event and we were not disappointed.  She had the audience totally engaged.  They were laughing, interacting with each other and volunteering to be up on stage.  Kim was able to relate to each and every audience member and gave them information they can use in their lives and work.”  –Teresa Burton, Vice President, Group Travel Family

“Kim’s energy, laughter, and encouragement were exactly what we needed to inspire us to keep pushing forward to accomplish another award winning year.  I would highly recommend Kim if you are seeking a high energy, inspirational, and motivating speaker for your next event.”  –Donna Harris, CEO, Healthsouth of Jonesboro

“Kim really connected with the audience and was able to reach each one of us individually. Kim genuinely cares about people and her words of wisdom are shared from her soul. I cried, laughed, and rejoiced with Kim while listening to her speak. Kim has such truth in what she shares that it is impossible to sit through her presentation and not be moved to live a life full of power and passion.”
Lacey Courtney, American Fidelity Assurance Company

“Not only did the group enjoy her informative presentation, but her sense of humor and passion promoting her message and innovative ideas really ignited a fire under all of us to be more effective leaders, improve our communication skills and lead better lives.”  –Darla Shipman, Missouri Hospital Association

“Your training sessions helped each and every one of us to understand that there are lives beyond work and prioritizing and balancing that work and personal life relationship is important for true happiness and motivation.”
Derrick Redfearn, Manager of Member Relations, Ozarks Electric Cooperative

“Kim connected to everyone in the room.  She led both the mid-morning keynote and the last presentation of the day with high energy interactions, genuineness, and shared examples participants can use in their own lives. The timely emails, phone calls, the pre-event questionnaire and interviews with some participants to really know the audience made the day quite successful!”
Debbie Raison, University of Oklahoma, Center for Public Management

“We asked Kim to bring information for our entrepreneurs that would be inspirational and motivating.  She did just that!  We appreciate her so much for all that she brought to our conference today.  She was absolutely amazing!”
Lea Martin, Workforce Solutions

“Kim really succeeded on all fronts.  What really made her special was that she engaged with us up front to develop a presentation that was precisely fitting to our team. The speech she gave was just amazing and was so tailored down to specific details we had given her about experiences, about numbers.”
Sally Welborn, Sr. Vice President Walmart, Global Benefits

“Good speakers hold an audience’s attention. Great speakers hold an audience’s attention, while motivating and inspiring audiences to act. Kim is a great speaker.” 
– Willie Johnson, J. B. Hunt

“They loved you!  You’ve received one of the best ratings I’ve seen on training we’ve done since I started working here.”
–Joy Rice, Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

“The way she looks at things is from a grander perspective than just going out and making a sale.   I absolutely feel pumped.  She is fantastic!”  –Karon Reese, Basset Mix & Associates

“Your words touched me deeply.  This has been a powerful, powerful experience and I just want to thank you.”
Marlene Hicks, Oklahoma Gas and Electric

“Kim just spoke some words of wisdom from her amazing book to my audience.  She wowed them.  She had them laughing.  She had them hanging on every word.  If you’re looking for a speaker who will do that for your audience – who will empower, who will add humor, who will actually have your attendees walking away thanking you for hiring somebody, then you need to hire Kim Hodous.   She’s the real deal.”
James Malinchak, featured on ABC’s hit TV Show, Secret Millionaire

“They loved you!  You’ve received one of the best ratings I’ve seen on training we’ve done since I started working here.”  –Joy Rice, Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

“Kim developed an immediate connection to her audience.  There were many positive comments from those in attendance.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to motivate, energize and inspire an audience.”  –Marcia Davis, Senior VP, Arvest Bank

“Kim kept it fun and light, while also delivering great content that people could use immediately in their jobs.  After Kim spoke, one of my members said to me, “Ann, you really hit it out of the park this year. “  If you want to put on an event where you “hit it out of the park,”  I recommend Kim Hodous.”
Ann Gilbert, Executive Director, Arkansas Transit Association

“Kim’s insight and charm as she shares her life and professional experiences was delightful.  I believe every woman left the event feeling encouraged and strengthened to achieve their goals both personally and professionally.”  –Jana Walker, International Association of Administrative Professionals, Central Arkansas Chapter

“Between the laughter and a few tears, Kim’s easy steps and stories for communication, team building, and networking boosted confidence to strive for success.  The Association looks forward to working with Kim again in the future.”  –Pam Gridley, Director, Corporate Relations, Iowa Hospital Association

I would recommend Kim beyond any other speaker I have ever heard in all my years of business.  She is wonderful!
Cheri Perkins, INCOST President

“Kim inspired all of us at the conference.  There were approximately 80 women in attendance, all in various stages of their career, some in transition, others in new careers, and some with full careers.  Kim was able to connect with everyone in the room.”  -Sonya Jansma, Professional Women’s Network, St. Croix Valley

“Kim is a fantastic speaker who grabs the attention of her audience and never lets them go.  She relates to every age, every gender, and every audience inspiring them the leave the event with a better outlook on life!” -Loretta Daniels, Director, Regional Business and Innovation Center

“Whether it was rebounding from a tragedy, or looking to improve your career, whether it was growing from experiences or simply remembering to laugh everyday – there was something in it for every person in the audience.  The team walked away feeling good – feeling energized & inspired.  -Sally Welborn, Sr. Vice President Walmart, Global Benefits

“Kim’s message was artfully crafted to appeal to students and they responded enthusiastically.  She interacted with the audience throughout the presentation and left the students feeling challenged and invigorated.  Kim was vibrant, funny and extremely knowledgeable!”
-Dr. Ricky Booker, University of Arkansas, Career Development Center

“Your sheer enthusiasm and excitement for the establishment of the simple secret to being a great communicator seemed to energize all who attended your session. You compelled attendees to listen in the workplace daily— you allowed them to laugh and connect in a way that seemed to really create trust.”  – Patti Kimbrough,  Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce

“Kim started out the session with complete honesty and she acknowledged that we all feel awkward in various social situations. I still remember her advice because she used fun techniques in her seminar.  Kim would be an asset as a speaker to any group.”  –Rene Street, Executive Director, American Business Women’s Association

“Kim is very easy to work with, and very communicative.  She interacts with audiences to keep them motivated and learning.”  –Lyndsey Dumas, Director of Educational Operations, Arkansas Hospital Association

“Your message and presentation made an impact on many of our property managers personally and professionally.  Thank you for making such an impact on our group and sharing your personal journey with us.”
-Christina Arteritano, AHEPA Property Management Company

“Kim received a solid 5-out-of-5 starts and garnered comments that included “please have her return in the future.”  –Doug Krile, Executive Director, Arkansas Broadcasters Association

“Even though it was a large audience (there were 600 women registered), her presentation was still interactive and she had people involved in activities, up on the stage and interacting with each other.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and many women took the time to thank me personally for bringing in such a dynamic speaker to kick off the event.”
Susie Marks, Sr. Vice President of Programs, Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce

“Kim successfully engaged, motivated, entertained and inspired the 120 teachers and staff members present at the conference.  Her message kicked off the second semester of school for us on an inspiring note and her voice was echoed throughout the rest of the conference.”  -Dr Brandon Eggleston, Principal, Joplin, MO

“I appreciate not only Kim being a part of our conference but her attention to the details surrounding our association and industry. She knew exactly what challenges we face and presented precisely the material that we needed to hear. Everyone left feeling uplifted and inspired to make the changes to their work and personal lives.”  –Jill Ettori, Events & Marketing Specialist, Massachusetts Hospital Association

“The day you spent with us at Black River Memorial Hospital was much more than a day of having an individual, professional speaker; you connected with us because you became a “part of” who we are with an understanding of what we do.  You were responsive to the needs of our employees by reaching out to us, asking us questions, researching our desires and customizing content to provide a personalized and meaningful workshop.  Your responsiveness has truly made life less difficult for many, not just that one day, but many more days moving forward.  Thank you, thank you and thank you!”
-Leah Johnson, Organizational Development Manager, Black River Memorial Hospital

“I love working with Kim.  She’s a great, engaging, authentic speaker. People really connect with her.  That’s important because it helps them create memories and lasting change that they’ll tie to that event and that organization that brought her in, forever.”  -Carrie Perrien- Smith Owner, Professional Speakers’ Bureau

“The story telling was the key to holding the attention of the audience and establishing a connection.  We felt Kim Hodous could definitely relate to the experiences we face.  She provided a friend-to-friend advice connection, even when speaking to a large audience.”  -Valerie Asbury, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

“Kim was fabulous today; she just spoke from her heart. I think her message that touched my heart was that our business is people. The by-product of being good to people is our reward. She was awesome her stories were great and she just made me feel great… I’m just ready to conquer the world today!”
-Nadine Yates, Lindsey and Associates Real Estate

“Your training was so valuable!  Coming into a major change in our office, your training really helped the staff pull together during a time of “crisis mode!”    It gave some new perspective on priorities, activities, and everyday outlooks. Anyone and everyone can get great benefit from your work!  It is a value added to lives that you cannot put a price tag on!”
 -Kyle Sylvester, Washington County Circuit Clerk

“Kim’s message was perfect fit for our holistic approach to medicine of treating the body, mind and soul together, paired with our mission of endorsing a health-centered community. Her presentation skills were superb by drawing the audience in for participation. The message was so engaging that our attendees were eager for more. Feedback upon survey of the attendees was all positive with 100% of responses reflecting an “Extremely Enjoyed” rating for the keynote speaker. Multiple ladies have said Kim is the best presenter we have ever had for this annual event.”  -Rebecca Pearrow, Director of Marketing, Unity Health-Harris Medical Center