What a time we’re living in….  I think about how just five short months ago I grocery shopped, pumped gas, went to the gym, met with friends, hugged hundreds of people in one day at my events and never thought twice about catching a virus!  So much has changed – I order groceries online and have ‘no contact’ pick up, use a disinfectant wipe to pump gas, haven’t worked out in months, meet my friends over Zoom and all my events have been cancelled through October!

Is this the new normal?
I have no idea.

What I do know, is that I’ve got to continue to focus on being happy and loving whatever that new normal is!

If I can’t change it, I can embrace it.  To fight it will only bring struggle, not happiness.  AND I CHOOSE HAPPY!

One of the predictors of happiness is when we’re in ‘flow.’  Basically, doing something we love so much that we lose track of time and are totally absorbed in that activity.  When I’m on stage – I’m in flow.  I love connecting with people.  I could stay up there all day.

The reality – that’s not possible anymore.  (I’ve tried it in front of a camera – to deliver virtually – NOT THE SAME!)

So I’m currently reinventing myself! At 56 – I get a do over!!

I’m taking an online course, and they had us think back to a time we felt super successful.  A time we just felt on top of the world.  I went back to a time I had a standing ovation.  Over 600  on women – on their feet, clapping, crying – so moved.

But then I realized I didn’t want to use that, because I couldn’t recreate that – at least not for a good long while.  So I thought of my FREE online course.  I thought about the day that 47 women signed up in one day.  The comments I received the next week about how it helped them.  I was connecting with women then too.  When I saw the enrollments, and read those comments, I was in my office pumping my fist just as if I’d gotten a standing ovation.

So I’ve decided that in reinventing myself, I’m going to connect with groups of women. (Sorry guys – but working with women is where my heart is!) For now, it’ll be smaller groups of women, but some day I bet it’ll be 600 women at a time again!  Whoop!  Whoop!

I want you to take a minute, and think of a time you felt super happy.  Super loved.  Super connected.  What were you doing?  Who were you with?

How can you recreate this same feeling of happiness, love and connection in a new way?  How can you get the same feeling, but do it in the ‘new normal’ way?

That’s the crux of this whole cornonavirus pandemic.  It’s causing us all to re-think everything.  From how we shop to how we love.

And what a beautiful opportunity for us to reinvent not only ourselves, but our world in a much more CONSCIOUS way.

When this whole thing started, I thought I’d write my book.  Haven’t written a word!  There was no connection with women there – I NEED TO CONNECT WITH WOMEN RIGHT NOW!

So instead, I’ve created my DREAM COURSE.  MY opus.  It’s what I’m going to write my book on.  But I CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to create the course first, because it gives me what I need in these trying times – A CONNECTION TO WOMEN! 

So if you’re needing connection to women right now too – here’s your chance!  I’m starting a HAPPY REVOLUTION!


There, I said it!  And I’m getting started on May 18!  May 18 is the start of the


For the PILOT PROGRAM, the cost is only $27!  If this is too much for you to pay right now, but you really want to be a part of it, use the code ICHOOSEHAPPY in the coupon box at checkout and your price will only be $10.  No judgement.  These are tough times for all of us and I want any woman that desires to participate to be able to!

ONCE THE 20 SPOTS ARE FILLED, ENROLLMENT WILL BE CLOSED!  (The next course will start in August, but the cost will be $397.)

So if you’re ready to REVOLUTIONIZE your HAPPINESS – SIGN UP HERE!

Maybe part of your new normal, going with the flow and REINVENTING YOURSELF will be to REVOLUTIONIZE your HAPPY! 

I can’t wait to see who shows up!  It’s going to rock your world.  Give you a new perspective.  Create new friendships.  Make you prioritize yourself.  You’ll be part of the charter class of 12 million women who decided to REVOLT for the freedom of CREATING their own INDIVIDUAL HAPPINESS! 

PS – One of my favorite sayings is THINK LONG, THINK WRONG.  If you’re feeling the pull, grab one of those last spots available!  Join the REVOLUTION!