It’s a new year with new resolutions and good intentions. According to the American Medical Association, almost half of us make new years resolutions. As you can guess, some of those resolutions will go by the wayside and some will actually bring about change and make our lives better.

I’m always curious what people want to bring about in their lives. What do they think would make their lives better and what do they think would make them happy. Some quick online searches about the most popular new years resolutions made me take notice.

It seems like so often, when we want to bring about change in our lives (which is the basis of a resolution) we immediately list all of the things we want to ‘quit’ or ‘give up’. Let’s face it, right now we live in a world of detoxes and cleanses! But this poses a problem for our sub-conscious mind. Those ‘things’ that we have decided to ‘give up’ or eliminate from our lives, on some level bring us some pleasure or satisfaction. Who doesn’t feel a little joy when you bite into a cupcake? So by telling ourselves that we can’t have that cupcake, our mind begins to rebel. And whether we realize it or not, our sub-conscious begins to sabotage our efforts by finding excuses, making deals with ourselves and so-on.

But here is a better idea, what if this year your resolutions included things that you can ADD to your life? Everybody likes new things and having something new is waaaay better than losing something. Making some time to add some simple habits, simple steps, simple activities can make a huge difference in your life in 2020!

To get you started, here are five things to make more time for in 2020:

Schedule some ZZZzzzs…
What should be one of the most important parts of our day is most often taken for granted. We sleep when everything else is done. We push ourselves to get more done throughout the day and late into the night and then when we can’t go anymore, we resort to sleep. But this year – make sleep a priority. Put it on your schedule. Not only will it brighten your morning mood, but your body will reap the health benefits. Find your best sleep routine and add more time for it. Your body will thank you!

Grab a good book!
I’m a voracious reader. I can’t get enough. Fiction, self-help, biographies you name it and you’ll find it on my bookshelves. But it’s hard to find the time. But this year, find those books that interest you or motivate you, and make the time to enjoy them. Maybe a few minutes first thing in the morning or before bed. Carry a book with you – you never know when you might have a few minute of downtime to enjoy a few pages here or there. An even better idea is give your self the okay to check out on a Saturday afternoon to curl up and enjoy a good read!

Add a Gratitude Habit
Just like exercise, gratitude is a habit that you have to practice and strengthen. Adding more gratitude into your life doesn’t have to take a lot of time, you’ve just got to get in the habit! How about taking five minutes every morning to start a gratitude journal? Or try taking a five minute gratitude break in the middle of the day to reflect on the good things in your life. There is now scientific research that shows the astounding impact that gratitude can have on our mental and physical well-being. So this year, take a few minutes every day to add a gratitude habit.

Make a JOY List
Our days are jam-packed with ‘to-do’lists, activities and even chaos. There’s laundry to fold and messes to clean up. Food to prepare and bills to pay. But take a minute and think about the things that bring you joy. What truly lights you up and makes your heart happy. Maybe it’s painting a watercolor or dancing to music. Or maybe it’s as simple as your morning cup of coffee or watching the sunrise. What ever it is, make a list and check it each day. Make sure that you are choosing at least one thing every day, one simple act that brings you immense joy and integrating it into your day. Make the time and feel your heart soar!

Be a Friend
We all have priorities but socializing and friendships don’t usually make the list. But no matter how busy we are with our daily lives, keeping in touch or making a connection with a friend is vital. It’s just all about taking the time and making it a priority. If you’re lucky, you can plan a day at the spa with your besties or schedule dinner every Thursday night. But it doesn’t have to be grandiose. You can keep it simple – reach out to an old friend you haven’t been in touch with in a while or arrange to arrive for school pick up 15 minutes early to catch up. You’ll never regret making time for a friend!

So as we head into this bold new decade, I challenge you to forget the detoxes but instead focus on what you want MORE of in your life and what you can ADD. I’d love to know your ideas and what things you are choosing to add. Whatever they may be, I hope they bring your much joy and abounding happiness!

As always – to your HAPPINESS,