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Finding Your POWER!

with brave wingsWhat a month May was! On our home-front it was a whirlwind of travel, kids, end of school activities and weddings – but mostly it was a month of family and love! It’s been two weeks since my youngest daughter walked down the aisle to begin her life with her new husband. I guess I’m still basking in the afterglow of such a lovely and special time for our family. I’ve been quiet lately on the social media front – wrapping up so many details from last month has put me a bit behind schedule! But this week I’ve shifted into high gear to tackle the new tasks ahead of me. I won’t bore you with the details but my lists are long. We’re talking VERY long. They keep growing and changing everyday and I often wonder how I will get it all done. This month I’m summoning my powers within to get me through. And as I thought about these powers, I thought about the fact that many of you may be facing the same challenges this month. Maybe you’ve got kids home for the summer, or a new job on the horizon, or a home improvement project looming. Maybe you’ve got lists like me that seem impossible to accomplish. Sound familiar? So this month we’re going to focus on the power that lies within each of us that will carry us through and get us to where we want to be. See – we already have it within us. We’ve just got to recognize it and use it!  

It’s going to be a POWERFUL month so stay tuned for inspiration, encouragement and some fun.

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Finding the Power to Make it Happen – Three Simple Steps to a Powerful YOU!

060415It’s so easy to become overwhelmed. There is so much to do and make happen, so many places to be and things to take care of, so many people to see and projects to tackle. You may be a list maker (like me) and the lists are ever-changing and never-ending, or maybe you just like to let things roll around in your head, reprioritizing and hoping you don’t forget something. Either way, it’s easy to feel like what lies ahead is insurmountable. How can I possibly get it all done? Where will I find the energy? How will I make it all work?

Questions like this that creep into our brains as tiny seeds of doubt can grow into giant trees that block our vision and hinder our progress. But the good news is that these thoughts exist only in our minds and we have the power to allow them to slow us down or even stop us, or we can control our mind and find the power we need to charge ahead. Those negative laden questions can become positive statements of affirmation: I will get it all done. I have the energy. I will make it work. Doesn’t that feel and sound better?

“Within you is the light of a thousand suns.” ~Robert Adams

I love that quote by Robert Adams, a photographer known for his black and white photos of the American West. Think about the power of a thousand suns! Our minds hold unbelievable powers so vast that we probably can’t even comprehend. It’s up to us to access that power and put it to positive use. So you’ve got errands to run, a project due at work, a vacation to plan and budget to balance – but wait, you’ve got the power of a thousand suns with you!       

It sounds like a big idea – finding and tapping in to that power within us. There are stacks of books and thousands of articles and self-help programs to unlock the power of your mind. But do you know what? It’s really quite simple. The power is already within you and you hold the means to unlock it. That’s right. You’ve already got this. Here are three simple but life-changing tips to finding and unlocking your power.

1. Change your mindset and believe! Not believing that you can overcome or achieve something is the same thing as being trapped. The key to stepping out and into your power is believing that you truly possess it! What has happened in the past is completely irrelevant here and now. Change your thoughts and even your language. Remind yourself that you have all the time you desire for everything you choose. Tell yourself that you CAN get it done and WILL make it all happen. You may not be able to see the path to ‘how’ but rest assured that by diving in and tackling it then you are well down that road. Feel the power of knowing that you can do it!    

2. Look inside and think hard. When you are faced with a multitude of tasks or thoughts, sometimes they all roll up into a big ball that you can’t seem to grab a hold of. Take a minute and look at what is before you. Prioritize and make sure that you are starting with the things that will really make a difference or are the most important. So often we make ourselves feel better about ourselves by checking off the small stuff or the things that don’t really matter. If you’ve got a budget to balance then why choose to organize your paperclips by shapes and sizes? Look inside yourself and really think hard here. Use your power and decide which are the most important to you and then begin to address and tackle them one at a time. Before long, that big ball of tasks becomes a simple short stack and if you don’t get the paperclips organized then guess what – it’s okay!      

but first you3. Pay attention to you! If you want your mind to be clear and powerful, then pay attention to how you are treating your body. The mind body connection is well documented. If you drive a Lamborghini then my guess is you don’t fill it with cheap fuel. If you’ve ever met me in person then you probably saw my water bottle close by. It’s never far from my reach. I preach the power of water every day. And then there is food. If you are in the middle of a big project, even if you feel close for time, resist the urge to grab junk food that provides a quick fix and instead eat as much fresh food as you can. Fuel isn’t the only thing to think about either. Exercise and rest are a must. So often when I have a super busy day, I think that I can skip my workout at the gym to get more done. But that’s seldom the case. When I make the time and keep the commitment to my workout schedule, I find that I have more energy and can get even more done! There is power in taking care of yourself and your body. Find yours!

So if you’re wondering if you can do it or how you will get it all done, the secret to achieving is really not a secret at all. You hold the power – acknowledge and believe that you do, think logically and deliberately about what lies within you and before you, and take a moment to take good care yourself. You can do it and I know you will!        

Now go get ‘em!       


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Summer POWER Foods

Farmers-MarketMy family LOVES the Summer months. We spend most of our summer at the lake or on the bike trails. And it’s important to make sure that we take advantage of summer’s bounty of fresh and healthy foods. As the temperature rises, I start watching the Farmer’s Market for fruits and vegetables that will be a refreshing alternatives to Summer’s sugary snacks of snow cones and ice cream. Here are some of the Summer POWER foods that I watch for:

Cherries – not only are these little treats low in calories but they are great sources for fiber and potassium. They also possess anti-inflammatory compounds and can help reduce muscle soreness after a long bike ride on the beautiful trails here in Fayetteville!

Berries, Berries and more Berries – Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. We love them all! Besides that fact that they contain powerful anti-oxidents that promote brain and heart health, they’re just plain YUMMY!

Cucumbers – Did you know that cucumbers are 95% water? What a great summer way to stay hydrated. I look forward every summer to making my special batch of pickles that we can enjoy all year long.shutterstock_151142207

Tomatoes – Tables full of bright red tomatoes at the Farmer’s Market are such a beautiful sight! Everybody knows the health benefits so slice ‘em, dice ‘em and serve ‘em up all summer long.

Watermelon – Just like tomatoes, watermelon contains the nutrient lycopene. Consuming more lycopene during the summer will provide protection against the sun’s hot rays and some say will prevent sunburn and it’s 92% water. The perfect summer POWER food!  



An Arm Full of POWER!

For years I’ve worn an armful of gemstone bracelets almost every day. Some women feel like lipstick is their finishing touch. For others it’s perfume. For me – it’s my Power Bracelets. I don’t feel like I’ve finished getting ready for the day until they grace my arm. They are absolutely one of my very most favorite things in the whole world! I not only can feel the power and energy of each stone, but I also love the feel of them on my arm. And let’s face it – they are downright beautiful!

I travel a lot these days and I’m not exaggerating when I say that everywhere I go people ask about my bracelets. I’ve been stopped in grocery stores, airports, convention centers – and people always say the same thing, “I love those bracelets. Where did you get them?” So I’ve chosen 10 of my very favorite stones and put together a set to share with you. The 10 strand set includes: Citrine, Garnet, Carnelian, Red Coral, Black Onyx, Olive Jade, Sodalite, Pearl, African Jade, and Amethyst. Each set comes gift bagged with an enclosure card that tells the power and energy each stone carries. Now you can feel the power and wear the beauty too!

Wear one or wear them all! CLICK HERE to give to that special graduate or get a set for yourself and feel the power! power bracelets



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