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…were exactly what we needed to accomplish another award winning year.” ~Donna Harris, CEO Healthsouth Jonesboro

Listen Up!

Communication is less about what you say and more about what they hear. So much more goes into a message than just your words, and what is heard is often different than what was said. Newsflash: Message sent doesn’t always = message received. If you want your message delivered in a way it will be heard, you’ll want to LISTEN UP, because talk is cheap, but communication is priceless.

After Kim’s humorous presentation, you’ll walk away looking at communication from a whole new perspective!

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Why to strive for connection not perfection in conversation
How to ask for what you want in a way that makes it easy to get
How to effectively communicate with the opposite sex
Dealing with an angry person
4 simple steps to truly HEAR what someone is saying

                           WHY CHOOSE THIS PROGRAM?
communicationGender differences are real.  Knowing those differences can reduce misunderstandings and increase consideration of one another’s unique communication styles.

Employees are more engaged when there is clear communication and sincere connection in the workplace.  Your organization will benefit from all team members having these communication tools.

Your audience will be implementing this information before they leave their seats!  There’s no learning curve here – these strategies are immediately applicable!

When you’re ready for your voice to be heard and your words to have impact, call Kim because communication is more than just words!

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