A collection of Resources from Kim Hodous!

imagesZapping Your Tolerations
Tolerations, no matter how insignificant that they may seem, accumulate. They become an enormous drain on our valuable energy and available resources. Start ZAPPING your tolerations today!


10×40 Challenge Tracking Sheet
What to make a real change in your life? Take 10 minutes a day, for 40 days and feed your soul with positive, uplifting and inspiring information. Here’s a sheet so you can track your progress!

imagesCommunication for Team Building
Here’s a guideline for the Non-Violent Communication 4-Step Process Kim shares in her communication workshop.

imagesA Beginners Guidebook to Practicing Stillness
Kim shares 10 tips to make the practice of daily quiet time a little easier!

imagesShh… Do Not Disturb
Kim’s suggestion for when you need to create focus time.

imagesCreating Your Personal Vision
A clear vision is the first step to creating your best life. This easy to use guide will get you started.


Untitled-1How to Get What You Want by Wallace Wattles
I’ve been a huge fan of Wallace Wattles for years. His information has changed my life. Here’s one of my favorite books of his!

Untitled-1Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
And here’s my other favorite books from him. His information is timeless – so enjoy!


Listen to Kim’s most recent radio interviews below:


Time Management Secrets for Vibrant Motherhood
Hear about Kim’s motherhood journey starting 25 years ago. Now a mother of 5, hear how Kim balances motherhood and a career in today’s world.


Business Engaged! Leaders of the World in Small Business
Kim shares stories, secrets and insights as the business owner of Rockwood Jewelry, a 7-Figure business started at her kitchen table.


Podcast – Finding Your Voice Radio
Kim shares insight from her book, Show up – Be Bold – Play Big: 33 Strategies for Outrageous Success and Lasting Happiness.


Podcast – Finding Your Voice Radio
Kim shares three strategies for PLAYING BIGGER!