For years the Gallup Organization has conducted polls and surveys on employee engagement (the fancy term to determine how ‘into’ our work we are.)  Here’s what they’ve discovered…

  • 29% of your employees are actively engaged (these people really care!)
  • 54% of your employees are neutral (these people don’t really care)
  • 17% of your employees are working against you (these people don’t really care either AND they spread that negativity and actually hinder your success)

And the frightening thing is….it only varies by one or two percentage points year after year after year.  That means even if your business is growing, almost 71% of your employees are not working to their full potential!  What to do?  Well, you could ignore the statistics…or you could invest in Professional Development so your employees grow –  and so does your bottom line!  It’s the same thing you’d do if you wanted  a better basketball team or to improve the sound of a musical band.  You’d get coaching.  You’d get training.  You’d develop the skills of your players.  You can do the same thing for your team and you’ll see your business grow as each team member grows!

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the strength of the team.”     ― Phil Jackson


Why do employees stay in a job? Maybe it’s flexibility or benefits or salary. Surveys show all these things matter.  But wouldn’t it be great if your team stayed because they were truly happy and felt valued?  Through new ways of communicating and with simple but precise strategies it’s possible to convert that 54% of neutral employees to loyal and engaged ones.  And for you that means increased success in your company.  And an increase in your company means an increase in your bottom line!  Team building is both an art and a science. I combine both to help you build that special group of people in your business!

As the owner or Chief Executive of EVERYTHING, you’ve got big responsibilities and lots to do. There are balance sheets and marketing plans, schedules and inventory management, but what about your people?   If you’re like most small businesses, one of your largest expenses is payroll.  Your success depends on those dollars making a difference.  And building a strong team needs attention and nurturing. I have a proven program to help you build and motivate your staff to become happy individuals and effective team players –  all working to ensure your company’s success.


For 6 months I’ll work with your staff to increase their performance and profitability, develop better communication skills, and maximize their contribution to your company. Each month I will meet face-to-face with your team for an hour and a half to deliver a hands-on, dynamic, interactive training that will positively shift the culture of your company.  I’ve chosen the six most crucial areas that must be addressed to build the best possible team:

Goal Setting and Attainment:  We’ll start the program off right with focusing on what each employee wants to achieve – both in their individual roles and as a team. We’ll define those collective goals and set the path to reach them. My tried and true GRAND Goal Setting System will clarify your team’s vision, energize their imagination and show them the path to making their goals and dreams into reality. This organized process has helped hundreds of people transform their dreams into achievable goals and provided them with the tools to create a strong and cohesive team unit.

Productivity and Time Management:  Now that we’ve established what we want to make happen this year, we’ll look at tools to be more efficient in the work place.  I will challenge your staff to make the choices that will lead them to happier, healthier, and a more productive workplace. In a fun, no-nonsense style, I teach simple and practical ways to get the right things done in less time.  It starts with the right mindset and gets easier from there!

Business Communication:  Effective communication in the workplace is perhaps the most overlooked tool in reaching success. Communication sounds easy – we do it every day with those around us without giving it much thought. But effective communication takes a bit of finesse. Choosing and delivering the right words and learned listening skills can eliminate confusion, misunderstandings, and poor work environments. I can show your team how to produce the very best outcome in any situation and this will bring improvement in motivation, productivity and profitability. Your staff will be implementing this information before they leave the training!

Stress Management and Work/Life Balance:  Stress costs U.S. companies an estimated $300 billion a year in absenteeism, healthcare costs, and lost productivity. This part of the program provides participants with tools to replenish personal resources, to become more resilient to demands and to achieve greater emotional well-being. Your staff will learn strategies to lower stress, be happier & healthier, all making them stronger team members and players.

Face-to-Face Networking:  Now that your employees are happier at work and in their personal lives – we want them out there promoting your business.  “Networking” has become a buzzword that many of us have a love/hate relationship with. With 40% of people now more comfortable meeting people online rather than in person, online social networking has become the easy default. But the most valuable and effective networking comes from ‘face-to-face shake-my-hand’ interaction. I can teach your employees how to start relationships right and then keep them going.  All the while representing your company in the best way possible and providing the best customer service.

Team Spirit: We’ll end on a high note! This is where we wrap it all up and your team takes on a life of its own and begins to soar. We’ll review all they’ve learned and practice the skills that bring about trust, respect, and loyalty. We’ll make sure that each employee is contributing to the overall success of the team and that the bigger picture is driving their actions.

“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” ~ John F Kennedy

My strategies and tools are easy to implement, simple to remember and meet one common goal:  to help your team grow so your business and influence increases and you can help more people get what they want – so ultimately, you can have what you want!

The investment for this 6 month dynamic program is $3997.  I am offering a special price of $2997 for programs booked and paid in full by December 31, 2013 – just in time for that tax write-off!  That’s it! Just $2997* for 6 months of training and development to get your staff in tip-top shape and to increase your bottom line! Availability is limited to 4 LTP companies, so don’t wait. Contact me today at for an Enrollment Application and to schedule your initial consultation.  Let’s get started building a strong and dynamic team to work for you!


PS – My ‘100% Money Back’ Guarantee  


I also give you my Personal ‘100% Money Back’ Guarantee.  If you are not happy with either program, and for any reason your expectations are not met, just let me know within two weeks of the program start date, and I’ll give you a full refund.  No reason needed.  No questions asked.

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*The special price of $2997 is valid on programs booked and paid in full by December 31, 2013 – just in time for a tax write-off!