We crave variety. I remember one morning, after 10 years of living in Arizona, I opened the blinds and said to my husband, “It’s another beautiful sunny day,” but I said it in the tone of someone who’s been condemned to years of hard labor. It was just one beautiful sunny day after another. What I wouldn’t have given for some clouds, or heaven help us, rain….

We all have a ‘novelty seeking bias,’ which means we love it when we get to do or experience something new. It’s why people from Colorado go to the beach on vacation and people from Florida go to the mountains to ski. And it’s no wonder – because when we try or do something different, we get a little hit of dopamine. (This is like straight lining happiness right to our brain.)

Yet so often in our daily lives, we get in a rut and just do the same ole, same ole every day. Why not put some WHOOP in your day??

Why not ask someone you’ve wanted to get to know from work to join you for lunch?

Surprise your family with pancakes, bacon and eggs for dinner?

Leave an anonymous note of kindness for a co-worker or in some public place for a stranger to find…

It doesn’t have to be big, and in fact, no one but you even need know about it! You can drive home a different way, eat dessert first, wear socks that don’t match, put on bright red lipstick, try a new restaurant, wear your hair in pigtails, go without panties! Just do something new!

I love to be in Lake Ouachita.  It is my HAPPY HAPPY PLACE.  But being a safety girl, I usually head in when weather is approaching.  On this particular day, I’d only been out for about 5 minutes when this crazy rain shower (no lightening) popped up.  Instead of heading in, I decided to swim in the rain.  It was my WHOOP for the day! 😊

Want to feel a little happier? Go a little crazy. Put LITTLE whoop in your day and get a BIG hit of happiness!