As I was thinking about my July blog post, I thought, I’ll write about freeing ourselves from things that don’t serve us. I give a lot of examples of this in my presentations – freedom from negativity, social media, even staying up too late so you don’t get the rest you need.

But all these things we want FREEDOM FROM – are actually just steps so we have the FREEDOM TO do or experience certain things.

We want FREEDOM FROM negativity so we have the FREEDOM TO be optimistic, look for the good in situations and feel happy in life.

We want FREEDOM FROM social media so we have the FREEDOM TO exist without distractions and constant comparison of our own life to everyone else’s.

We want FREEDOM FROM staying up so late so we have the FREEDOM TO thrive and flourish in the hours we’re awake.

I’m currently not eating sugar or dairy. I’m in my 3rd week. It’s not been fun or easy. (Hats off to those of you who either have to or choose to eat like this all the time!) I’ve had a chronic cough since November and this is my last ditch effort to kick it out before going to a pulmonologist. I’m taking FREEDOM FROM sugar and dairy, but it’s to achieve the ultimate goal of FREEDOM TO breath fully!
July 4th – Independence Day. Our countrymen and women fought for FREEDOM FROM British rule so they would have FREEDOM TO govern themselves, hold elections, create free enterprise, worship the way they chose, live in a country where “All men (and women) are created equal.”

Remember what a privilege it is to live FREE this July 4. And between the bar-b-ques and fireworks, decide ONE THING you want the FREEDOM TO enjoy in your life – then take ONE STEP to make it happen!