112515Sometimes I beat myself up for not being ‘on it’ – IE: doing everything I should when I should. This past week, two people in my circle were dealt heavy blows. The sister of a good friend (and single mom of two) was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma – a deadly blood cancer. Then a former boyfriend of my oldest daughter was BASE jumping in California and his parachute didn’t open. He will live, but his injuries are extensive. He was an extreme sport junkie – and only 27 years old.

I was driving home from the grocery store – just an ordinary moment – and I started to think about these two, and their families, and how these events would totally alter the courses of their lives…how deeply it would affect their family and friends. I had to pull my car off to the side of the road and just put my head on the steering wheel and breathe in gratitude…

Deep, deep gratitude…for my life…for my health…and safety…for the health and safety of my children and family and all those I love. It was an overwhelming moment of feeling, to the very core of my being, how much I have to be thankful for.
I got back on the road and started to beat myself up – why do I have to wait for something like this to happen to experience such gratitude? Do I have to wait for a holiday to be thankful? Be Grateful for Everything All the Time is the very last chapter in my book! I saved the best for last…I totally believe in this concept, but then I forget to live it daily.

So I decided to quit beating myself up and just start from a new place in this moment. To remember gratitude. To not to wait a couple of days until Thanksgiving to feel grateful, but to embrace every moment of every day, as best I could, with a deep sense of gratitude.

So I start by thanking each of you. Those of you who have listened to my message, and responded, many of you even taking time out of your busy lives to write and let me know how my message has impacted you. Those of you who have bought my products, and even shared them with others. Those of you who get up every day and do your best to SHOW UP, BE BOLD and PLAY BIG! Thanks for being the inspiration you are to me and everyone who knows you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Big love,