My birthday is June 30th – the VERY LAST day of the month. So this year, I’ve decided to start celebrating on June 1 and celebrate all month long. (My husband just loves this! 😊)

Because it’s my birthday month, I’ve got a great excuse to celebrate, pamper myself, go to lunch with friends, get a massage, take some extra time to read.

But as I kicked off my month long celebration, I started to wonder… should we really need an excuse just to take care of ourselves?

This month, all month long, I’m encouraging you to look at ways of celebrating YOU! Simple, easy ways you can practice self-care and self-love and make yourself happier!

One of the things I’ve written about before is savoring and taking the time to savor the good. (Check out the blog HERE)

We all naturally have a negativity bias – meaning we tend to lean in to toward the negative versus the positive. It’s because your brains’ primary responsibility is to keep you alive, not to help you thrive. So our default setting is to always be looking for danger, the bad, the scary.

And… positive emotions are simply just more subtle. (Just compare how intense the emotions are when you feel angry, compared to how you feel when you’re grateful….)

Because negative emotions are often stronger and more intense – in order to make that shift from the negative to the positive, you’ve got to take at least 10 SECONDS to savor the good for it to stick.

ONLY 10 SECONDS to unlock the magic!

Cross something off your to-do list? Don’t just move on. Take a snappy 10 SECONDS to savor that feeling of accomplishment.

Got to work 5 minutes early. Do a 10 SECOND Happy Dance in your car.

Had a chicken salad instead of a burger, fries and a milkshake. Reach around, pat yourself on the back and SAVOR that good decision for a full 10 SECONDS!

I think you’re getting the idea. One of the best ways to CELEBRATE YOU is to SAVOR for 10 SECONDS the little victories in life. Happiness is much more dependent on lots of little wins than it is on just a couple of big ones.

So before you click onto the next email, I want you to SAVOR for just 10 SECONDS something fabulous about you! It’s the beginning of the month – let’s celebrate all month long!

PS – Stay tuned this month… I’ve got some birthday surprises to share!